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Frames:         from DKK 395 – 5,600 
Sunglasses:  from DKK 498 – 3,500

Lenses per pair 
Single vision: from DKK 498* – 5,200 
Multifocal: from DKK 1,598* – 10,950

Lenses for children
Lenses per pair: from DKK 498* – 2,400

Our prices for multifocal lenses range widely from the brand new Biometrics from Optiswiss, which is the latest tailored lenses on the market, to standard lenses.

* Without anti-reflective coating.

If you buy a complete pair of glasses*, you get a free pair of sunglasses with the same prescription.

If you do not need sunglasses, you can choose between reading glasses, distance glasses, computer glasses, or a spare pair of glasses.

We offer the same great deal all the time, so there is no reason to wait – we think that is the fairest approach.

* Frames + lenses

We have lenses in all price ranges

We use three different lens suppliers, ZEISS, Optiswiss, and HOYA, which allows us to offer eyeglass lenses in all price ranges. You can see clearly with all of them, but the more expensive and the better the multifocal lenses you choose, the experienced blur will be pushed further, and the sharper you will be able to see to the sides. In short, price and quality matches.

Our suppliers are all known for high quality, and they all offer a 3-year warranty on coatings.

It is important to us, that you are informed about the different types of lenses available. This is easiest to explain when we are sitting face to face. Together, we will find the type of lenses that best suits your daily life and needs. We are not interested in selling you more expensive/better lenses than you need.


Biometrics is “Swiss Made.” For the first time, it is possible to measures the length of the eye. These measurements, along with several other individual measurements, are provided to the lens supplier. In this way, you achieve the widest reading field available on the market.

ZEISS DriveSafe

The DriveSafe lens from ZEISS is specially developed for driving. Its design and technology enhance vision during driving – especially at night. They reduce reflections and glare from oncoming vehicles. The lenses are available both as single vision and multifocal lenses.

Partial payment

Buy your glasses on a partial payment plan without interest, fees, or down payment. The price of the glasses is simply divided over 6, 12, or 24 months.

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