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Contact lenses

Enjoy greater freedom

Contact lenses will give you a new-found freedom, and you’ll enjoy a large field of view as the contact lens follows the movement of the eye. Contact lenses give you the freedom of movement you need to live an active lifestyle – especially for sports and leisure activities – as they are less obtrusive than glasses. 

There are countless different contact lenses on the market today

Most contact lenses are available for people with and without astigmatism. We also offer multiple prescription strengths to correct your presbyopia.

Together, we establish whether you want to wear contact lenses every day, or just for sports or when you’re going to a party, for example. We tailor a solution to your precise needs while taking the health of your eyes into account.

Try contact lenses for free

We supply the following types of contact lenses:

1-day lenses | bi-weekly lenses | monthly lenses | daily lenses | myopia correction lenses (lenses that reduce the progression of myopia).

It costs nothing to try contact lenses, so pop in or make an appointment on our website and we’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

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